To say we are passionate about compact tractors would not be an exaggeration. We are probably more tractor orientated than any other dealer in the South West. Partly because we use a lot of tractors ourselves on our contracting/hire side and partly because our business has developed as fast as the tractors have.

Compared to even as little as three or four years ago today's market is awash with compact tractors of all shapes, sizes and colours.

This begs the question how do I choose what to buy?

Probably the most important consideration with an investment of this size is its long term viability.

Availability of spare parts and after-sales service are vital, although this is hard to guarantee, choosing a tractor from an established manufacturer or importer certainly helps the odds. So many of the new tractor importers which have suddenly entered the market appear to have little or no back-up. Its very easy to go to the Far East and buy a container full of tractors, bring them back and sell them, but what then. The first time you need a solenoid or a steering joint you start to struggle.

We have selected a group of manufacturers for their after-sales service as well as their products including conventional compact tractors and alpine or hillside models.

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