Total Turf Care

DGM Total Turf Care provides a large range of specialist maintenance services for both natural and artificial turf.

For over two decades DGM has been helping to maintain the playing surfaces of many sporting venues throughout the South West.

Offering a wide range of specialist services using the latest equipment available to maintain all types of natural and now artificial playing surfaces.

Our operators who have many years experience ensure your turf is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

Natural Turf Services

The ever unpredictable weather and increased use of sporting venues means regular maintenance of the playing surface is essential. Increased play inevitably results in the soil being squashed destroying the air channels between the soil particles preventing it from breathing. Water cannot drain through the soil, neither can water be sucked up through the capillary action during drought periods. Grass roots find it impossible to penetrate downwards and become surface hugging where they easily fall victim to drought or hard play.

This condition is called compaction and is recognised by Greenkeepers and Groundsman the world over as the beginning of most of their major problems. Due to the lack of oxygen in the soil compacted soils soon become acidic. The beneficial bacteria starts to die out and the process of breaking down dead organic material (grass clippings and such like) into plant food slows down and stops. The soil becomes even more sour and a micro environment is created which encourages harmful bacteria and fungi spores to multiply rapidly. Turf in this condition is hard to manage and expensive to maintain. It demands extensive watering, high rates of fertilizer and a lot of expensive fungicides. To add to these problems Poa Annua finds it easy to encroach and to takeover from the weakened fine turf grasses which we work so hard to encourage.

DGM offer the following services to help alleviate compaction, improve poorly drained soils and maintain playability:-


Verti-Draining involves solid tines up to 25mm in diameter penetrating the soil, to a depth of up to 400mm, in doing so they break through any pan which might exist. When fully in the soil the tine is cranked backwards using a system of levers breaking up any compaction and in the process opening up the soil making it possible for air to move freely, water to drain away and the grass roots to reach down.

We offer a 2.1m machine coupled to a lightweight tractor fitted with oversize turf tyres for larger areas including football and rugby pitches, golf course fairways, race courses and cricket outfields. We also have a 1.6m model which is designed for use on golf greens, bowling greens and other smaller areas.


Linear aeration or 'Earthquaking' as it is popularly known breaks up compaction and aerates using rotary blades which displace the soil by cutting a groove, this action combined with the forward speed of the machine, sets up a wave action, thus shattering the soil laterally and decompacting consistently from the surface to a working depth of up to 250mm without surface damage. Whatever the sports turf surface, whatever the conditions from golf greens to fairways, outfields, racecourses and winter sports pitches you can expect superb decompaction with virtually zero surface disturbance and no disruption to play.



We provide an Overseeding service for all sizes of turf areas from bowls greens and cricket squares to large pitches.

Using direct drill machines the seed is sown into the ground rather than scattered on top, providing protection from birds and ensuring a much better germination rate. This is especially important as the price of good quality grass seed continues to rise.


Top Dressing of sand or other organic material onto sports turf helps to maintain levels and if done in conjunction with some form of aeration can help with drainage problems by getting the sand into the holes created.

We use a specialist Koro Spiral Harrow to level any material spread which works brilliantly.

We are happy to quote for both spreading and materials.


We provide a full range of services for regular and end of season maintenance to bowling greens and cricket squares throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset including:








These can be carried out as one off operations or on a 12-month contract and we would be pleased to discuss you individual requirements.

Artificial Turf Services

It is important to remember that artificial pitches are low maintenance, NOT no maintenance.All synthetic pitches whether they be sand filled, rubber crumb or 3G require regular maintenance to ensure the initial large investment is protected for as long as possible.

Regular brushing is essential to keep the pile consistent and to redistribute material as it migrates away from areas of high traffic such as goal mouths and centre circles. However like their natural cousins, heavy use will create compaction. This compaction will effect drainage and in turn create problems with moss and algae on the surface making the pitch dangerous and slippery.

Routine cleaning is also often overlooked or inefficient due to the use of equipment designed originally for grass or hard surface cleaning. Obvious wind blown debris like leaves, twigs and litter are easy to see and relatively easy to remove, however if they are left to decay they will contaminate the infill. More serious and unhygenic contamination can be caused by crowd thrown debris, chewing gum, spit and bird droppings which will need to be removed without effecting the infill.

Using the latest Charterhouse equipment approved by the ‘Synthetic Turf Council’ we now offer solutions to these required operations. 

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