Question: Fed up with poor fuel and machines not starting?

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Answer: Use Aspen fuel

DGM are proud to announce that we have become an authorised Aspen Service Dealer.

For a long time there has been a question over the quality of fuel we put into our handheld machinery. Pump fuel has a short shelf life (just over 30 days or so) and this can cause difficulties when starting your machine. If you have a 2 stroke engine then you need to add oil.(the right ratio of course?). With Aspen 2 fuel you eliminate the hassle, inconvenience and potential problems caused by incorrect mixing or old fuel.

Aspen has a 'shelf' life of 5 years. Giving you peace of mind everytime you want to use your machinery that you've invested in and want to keep in good condition. Aspen avoids the ash and soot deposits that build up as it contains none of the harmful additives normal unleaded contains.

Thats why at DGM, every domestic handheld machine we service comes with Aspen in the tank. New domestic handheld and walk behind mowerswill also have Aspen in the tank ready to go. 

For more infomation on the benefits to you, your machine and the environment, pop in and see us or give us a call. Better still, try it for yourself.


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